Things to Avoid Doing with Your Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular forms of house flooring. From cozy warmth to soft fibers, carpet is difficult to beat when it comes to a comfortable and relaxing home environment.  

Unfortunately, carpets also deal with their fair share of damage. They are constantly pummeled by your pets, stained by coffee and other drinks, and get stepped on by your loved ones.  

If you want to maintain your carpet, you need to regularly hire a Seattle carpet cleaning company. Aside from that, here are several mistakes you should avoid: 

Attempting to DIY  

Professionals suggest that you contact an expert when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet. While a lot of homeowners choose to take the DIY approach, be wary that if you don’t know how to do it, you might cause more harm to your carpet.  

Some of the most common mistakes that homeowners do with their carpet include using the wrong carpet deodorizer, failing to remove furniture, over-wetting, over-shampooing, and much more.  

Vacuuming Too Little or Too Much 

While vacuuming can be a boring job, too little or too much can become a problem for your carpets. A lot of professionals suggest that you vacuum your carpets at least every 7 days. You should think about vacuuming every other day if your house has kids or pets.  

You shouldn’t let looks fool you. Keep in mind that not every dirt is visible to the naked eye. Deep under your carpet’s fibers are thousands of dirt, dust, and oil particles that can stay hidden for months.  

Routine vacuuming and cleaning will help your carpet maintain its natural color and healthy fibers for a long period.  

Not Buying Area Rugs, Runners, or Walk-Off Mats 

Water, leaves, salt, snow, and dirt are common outdoor elements that can get dragged into your house easily. That is why it’s ideal to use an area rug or mat to help protect your carpet inside.  

A rug or mat will prevent large debris and dirt at the door. This will prevent them from getting tracked inside where it will ruin your clean carpet.  

The most effective areas to place area rugs, runners, or mats are high-traffic locations where your house gets the most foot traffic. These areas can include the kitchen, hallways, stairs, doors, and much more.  

You can greatly improve the lifespan of your carpets with the help of a simple area rug, runner, or walk-off mat.  

Vigorously Rubbing or Scrubbing Carpet  

A lot of homeowners think that scrubbing or rubbing their carpets will help to get rid of stains. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case. The truth is that scrubbing your carpet using a rag or scrub brush will push down the molecules further. This will worsen the damage of the fibers.  

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, avoid using the brush and consider blotting gently your carpet using a clean towel.  

If you’re having a hard time cleaning your carpets, you can make your life a lot easier if you hire a professional carpet cleaning company.